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The relationship between the intrinsic Čech and persistence distortion distances for metric graphs. (English) Zbl 07161630
Summary: Metric graphs are meaningful objects for modeling complex structures that arise in many real-world applications, such as road networks, river systems, earthquake faults, blood vessels, and filamentary structures in galaxies. To study metric graphs in the context of comparison, we are interested in determining the relative discriminative capabilities of two topology-based distances between a pair of arbitrary finite metric graphs: the persistence distortion distance and the intrinsic Čech distance. We explicitly show how to compute the intrinsic Čech distance between two metric graphs based solely on knowledge of the shortest systems of loops for the graphs. Our main theorem establishes an inequality between the intrinsic Čech and persistence distortion distances in the case when one of the graphs is a bouquet graph and the other is arbitrary. The relationship also holds when both graphs are constructed via wedge sums of cycles and edges.
68U05 Computer graphics; computational geometry (digital and algorithmic aspects)
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