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SOFSEM 2008: Theory and practice of computer science. 34th conference on current trends in theory and practice of computer science, Nový Smokovec, Slovakia, January 19–25, 2008. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1131.68008
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4910. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-77565-2/pbk). xv, 792 p. (2008).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1129.68007].
Indexed articles:
Ambainis, Andris, Quantum random walks – new method for designing quantum algorithms, 1-4 [Zbl 1132.68382]
Böckenhauer, Hans-Joachim; Hromkovič, Juraj; Mömke, Tobias; Widmayer, Peter, On the hardness of reoptimization, 50-65 [Zbl 1133.68351]
Jonoska, Natasha; McColm, Gregory L., Describing self-assembly of nanostructures, 66-73 [Zbl 1132.68491]
Kari, Jarkko, On the undecidability of the tiling problem, 74-82 [Zbl 1133.03020]
Thomas, Wolfgang, Optimizing winning strategies in regular infinite games, 118-123 [Zbl 1132.91318]
Alessi, Fabio; Severi, Paula, Recursive domain equations of filter models, 124-135 [Zbl 1133.03006]
Arvind, V.; Joglekar, Pushkar S., Algorithmic problems for metrics on permutation groups, 136-147 [Zbl 1133.68080]
Bell, Paul; Potapov, Igor, Periodic and infinite traces in matrix semigroups, 148-161 [Zbl 1133.03017]
Bernet, Julien; Janin, David, From asynchronous to synchronous specifications for distributed program synthesis, 162-173 [Zbl 1133.68015]
Bollig, Beate; Range, Niko; Wegener, Ingo, Exact OBDD bounds for some fundamental functions. (extended abstract), 174-185 [Zbl 1132.68347]
Brisaboa, Nieves; Pedreira, Oscar; Seco, Diego; Solar, Roberto; Uribe, Roberto, Clustering-based similarity search in metric spaces with sparse spatial centers, 186-197 [Zbl 1132.68356]
Burrell, Michael J.; Andrews, James H.; Daley, Mark, A useful bounded resource functional language, 198-210 [Zbl 1132.68326]
Cristau, Julien; Horn, Florian, On reachability games of ordinal length, 211-221 [Zbl 1133.68034]
Cyganek, Bogusław, An algorithm for computation of the scene geometry by the log-polar area matching around salient points, 222-233 [Zbl 1132.68782]
Czyzowicz, Jurek; Dobrev, Stefan; Kranakis, Evangelos; Krizanc, Danny, The power of tokens: Rendezvous and symmetry detection for two mobile agents in a ring, 234-246 [Zbl 1132.68695]
Dobrev, Stefan; Královič, Rastislav; Pardubská, Dana, How much information about the future is needed?, 247-258 [Zbl 1132.68422]
Dragoi, Cezara; Stefanescu, Gheorghe, On compiling structured interactive programs with registers and voices, 259-270 [Zbl 1132.68331]
Duraj, Lech; Gutowski, Grzegorz, Optimal orientation on-line, 271-279 [Zbl 1132.68504]
Escoffier, Bruno; Monnot, Jérôme; Spanjaard, Olivier, Some tractable instances of interval data minmax regret problems: Bounded distance from triviality, 280-291 [Zbl 1132.68505]
Gaži, Peter; Rovan, Branislav, Assisted problem solving and decompositions of finite automata, 292-303 [Zbl 1133.68072]
Gunia, Christian, Energy-efficient windows scheduling, 304-315 [Zbl 1132.68318]
Iliopoulos, Costas S.; Rahman, M. Sohel, A new model to solve the swap matching problem and efficient algorithms for short patterns, 316-327 [Zbl 1132.68381]
Koprowski, Adam; Zantema, Hans, Certification of proving termination of term rewriting by matrix interpretations, 328-339 [Zbl 1132.68431]
Lekavý, Marián; Návrat, Pavol, Extension of rescheduling based on minimal graph cut, 340-351 [Zbl 1132.90327]
Majster-Cederbaum, Mila; Minnameier, Christoph, Deriving complexity results for interaction systems from 1-safe Petri nets, 352-363 [Zbl 1133.68057]
Matsubara, Wataru; Inenaga, Shunsuke; Ishino, Akira; Shinohara, Ayumi; Nakamura, Tomoyuki; Hashimoto, Kazuo, Computing longest common substring and all palindromes from compressed strings, 364-375 [Zbl 1132.68518]
Mramor-Kosta, Neža; Trenklerová, Eva, Basic sets in the digital plane, 376-387 [Zbl 1132.68795]
Nedbal, Radim, Algebraic optimization of relational queries with various kinds of preferences, 388-399 [Zbl 1132.68366]
Nuccio, C.; Rodaro, E., Mortality problem for \(2\times 2\) integer matrices, 400-405 [Zbl 1133.03005]
Petersen, Holger, Element distinctness and sorting on one-tape off-line Turing machines, 406-417 [Zbl 1132.68384]
Petersen, Holger, Improved bounds for range mode and range median queries, 418-423 [Zbl 1132.68426]
Radmacher, Frank G., An automata theoretic approach to rational tree relations, 424-435 [Zbl 1133.68040]
Rakow, Astrid, Slicing Petri nets with an application to workflow verification, 436-447 [Zbl 1133.68060]
Roman, Adam; Foryś, Wit, Lower bound for the length of synchronizing words in partially-synchronizing automata, 448-459 [Zbl 1132.68461]
Siirtola, Antti; Valenta, Michal, Verifying parameterized taDOM+ lock managers, 460-472 [Zbl 1132.68482]
Spillner, Andreas; Wolff, Alexander, Untangling a planar graph, 473-484 [Zbl 1132.68511]
Ambainis, Andris; Rivosh, Alexander, Quantum walks with multiple or moving marked locations, 485-496 [Zbl 1132.68383]
Dąbrowski, Jacek, Parallel immune system for graph coloring, 497-505 [Zbl 1132.68503]
Dörn, Sebastian; Thierauf, Thomas, The quantum complexity of group testing, 506-518 [Zbl 1132.68824]
de Falco, Diego; Tamascelli, Dario, Quantum walks: A Markovian perspective, 519-530 [Zbl 1132.68385]
Kreøgonek towski, Marek, A memetic algorithm for global induction of decision trees, 531-540 [Zbl 1132.68564]
Kůrková, Věra; Sanguineti, Marcello, Geometric rates of approximation by neural networks, 541-550 [Zbl 1132.68565]
Pintea, Camelia-M.; Chira, Camelia; Dumitrescu, D.; Pop, Petrica C., A sensitive metaheuristic for solving a large optimization problem, 551-559 [Zbl 1132.68709]
Cichoń, Jacek; Kutyłowski, Mirosław; Wȩglorz, Bogdan, Short ballot assumption and threeballot voting protocol, 585-598 [Zbl 1132.68373]
Klonowski, Marek; Kubiak, Przemysław; Kutyłowski, Mirosław, Practical deniable encryption, 599-609 [Zbl 1132.68376]
Wang, Peishun; Wang, Huaxiong; Pieprzyk, Josef, Threshold privacy preserving keyword searches, 646-658 [Zbl 1132.68378]

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