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Chaos: the interplay between stochastic and deterministic behaviour. Proceedings of the XXXIst winter school of theoretical physics held in Karpacz, Poland, 13-24 February 1995. (English) Zbl 0826.00026
Lecture Notes in Physics. 457. Karpacz: Springer-Verlag. xii, 571 p. (1995).

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Indexed articles:
Beck, Christian, Stochastic processes from deterministic dynamics, 3-19 [Zbl 0860.70006]
Belavkin, V. P., The interplay of classical and quantum stochastics: Diffusion, measurement and filtering, 31-40 [Zbl 0835.60057]
Blanchard, Ph.; Jadczyk, A., Event enhanced and piecewise deterministic quantum theory or the right jump at the right place, 41-50 [Zbl 0960.81531]
Cetto, A. M.; de la Peña, L., Wave mechanics: The interplay between stochastic and quanta, 51-73 [Zbl 0960.81530]
Garbaczewski, Piotr, Lévy processes and relativistic quantum dynamics, 75-86 [Zbl 0835.60095]
Graham, Robert, Quantum coherence and decoherence in a classically chaotic experimentally accessible quantum optical system, 87-100 [Zbl 0960.81552]
Grigolini, Paolo, Anomalous diffusion, spontaneous localizations and the correspondence principle, 101-119 [Zbl 0960.81509]
Haba, Z., Quantum open systems as random classical dynamical systems, 121-134 [Zbl 0960.81523]
Hu, Yiming; Woyczynski, W. A., Large-scale structure of the universe and asymptotics of Burgers’ turbulence with heavy-tailed dependent data, 135-149 [Zbl 0836.60113]
Jauslin, H. R.; Govin, M.; Cibils, M., Convergence of iterative methods in perturbation theory, 151-168 [Zbl 0839.70014]
Kapitaniak, Tomasz; Wojewoda, Jerzy, Strange attractors in higher-dimensional phase space, 169-177 [Zbl 0844.58057]
Klafter, J.; Zumofen, G.; Shlesinger, M. F., Anomalous diffusion and Lévy statistics in intermittent chaotic systems, 183-210 [Zbl 0983.60507]
Lai, Ying-Cheng, Classical and quantum chaotic scattering, 211-234 [Zbl 0839.58039]
Lasota, Andrzej, From fractals to stochastic differential equations, 235-255 [Zbl 0835.60058]
Manneville, Paul, Dissipative structures and weak turbulence, 257-272 [Zbl 0839.76035]
Vilela Mendes, R., Entropy and quantum characteristic exponents. Steps towards a quantum Pesin theory, 273-282 [Zbl 0839.58037]
Mrozek, Marian, Rigorous numerics of chaotic dynamical systems, 283-296 [Zbl 0840.65067]
Reichl, L. E.; Alpatov, P., The effect of symmetry breaking on random walks and Brownian motion, 297-303 [Zbl 0835.60063]
Roepstorff, Gert, Quantum dynamical entropy, 305-312 [Zbl 0848.58037]
Szemplińska-Stupnicka, Wanda, Strange attractors in nonlinear oscillators, 313-330 [Zbl 0840.34026]
Tomsovic, Steven, Wave packet propagation, nonlinear dynamics, and constructing chaotic eigenstates, 331-353 [Zbl 0843.35094]
Vavriv, D. M., Chaotic dynamics of weakly nonlinear systems, 355-377 [Zbl 0838.34042]
Weron, Aleksander; Weron, Rafał, Computer simulation of Lévy \(\alpha\)-stable variables and processes, 379-392 [Zbl 0835.60009]
Zambrini, J. C., From quantum physics to probability theory and back, 393-431 [Zbl 0839.60090]
Gielerak, Roman; Olkiewicz, Robert, Stochastic approach to many Bosons physics, 435-444 [Zbl 0835.60096]
Kaulakys, B.; Vilutis, G., Ionization of Rydberg atoms in a low frequency field: Modelling by maps of transition to chaotic behavior, 445-450 [Zbl 0836.65091]
Kawczyński, Andrzej L., Periodic perturbations of chaotic dynamics, 451-456 [Zbl 0835.92032]
Khrennikov, Andrew, \(p\)-adic stochastics with applications to the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox, 457-460 [Zbl 0835.60097]
Kolovsky, Andrey R., Quantum chaos: Double resonance model and its physical applications, 461-469 [Zbl 0857.70014]
Kotulski, Marcin, Asymptotic behavior of generalized Lévy walks, 471-477 [Zbl 0835.60064]
Léandre, R., Stochastic Moore loop space, 479-501 [Zbl 0849.58073]
Lee, Hai-Woong, Relativistic chaos in time-driven linear and nonlinear oscillators, 503-506 [Zbl 0840.70014]
Majewski, W. A., Applications of quantum characteristic exponents, 507-516 [Zbl 0840.58020]
Rudnicki, Ryszard, Asymptotic properties of the Fokker-Planck equation, 517-521 [Zbl 0839.35013]
Rylov, Yuri A., Spacetime distortion as a reason for quantum stochasticity, 523-530 [Zbl 0960.81510]
Stefański, Kryzstof, Divergences of the semiclassical S-matrix beyond hyperbolic systems, 531-535 [Zbl 0960.81543]
Torcini, Alessandro, Disturbance propagation in coupled map lattices, 537-543 [Zbl 0960.81517]
Weron, K.; Kosmulski, K.; Jurlewicz, A.; Mercik, S., Lévy-stable and extreme value distributions in modelling of dynamical phenomena in complex physical systems, 545-558 [Zbl 0835.60098]
Zakrzewski, J.; Dupret, K.; Delande, D., Wigner or non-Wigner: That is the question, 559-564 [Zbl 0960.82511]
Życzkowski, Karol, Random matrices of circular symplectic ensemble, 565-571 [Zbl 0840.65028]

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