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Dynamics of dissipation. Invited lectures delivered during the 38th Karpacz winter school of theoretical physics on “Dynamical semigroups: Dissipation, chaos, quanta”, Lądek Zdrój, Poland, February 6–15, 2002. (English) Zbl 1030.00047
Lecture Notes in Physics. 597. Berlin: Springer. x, 512 p. (2002).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding winter school has been reviewed (see Zbl 1013.00523).
Indexed articles:
Cohen, E. G. D., Some recent advances in classical statistical mechanics, 7-33 [Zbl 1083.82008]
Jarzynski, C., What is the microscopic response of a system driven far from equilibrium?, 63-82 [Zbl 1047.82017]
Kusnezov, D.; Lutz, E.; Aoki, K., Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of classical and quantum systems, 83-108 [Zbl 1043.82022]
Gaspard, P., Dynamical theory of relaxation in classical and quantum systems, 111-163 [Zbl 1042.81025]
Fishman, S.; Rahav, S., Relaxation and noise in chaotic systems, 165-192 [Zbl 1058.70023]
Dorfman, J. R., Fractal structures in the phase space of simple chaotic systems with transport, 193-212 [Zbl 1059.70017]
Rudnicki, R.; Pichór, K.; Tyran-Kamińska, M., Markov semigroups and their applications, 215-238 [Zbl 1057.47046]
Alicki, R., Invitation to quantum dynamical semigroups, 239-264 [Zbl 1042.46040]
Fannes, M., Finite dissipative quantum systems, 265-281 [Zbl 1042.81050]
Benatti, F.; Floreanini, R.; Romano, R., Complete positivity in dissipative quantum dynamics, 283-304 [Zbl 1283.81005]
Cohen, D., Driven chaotic mesoscopic systems, dissipation and decoherence, 317-350 [Zbl 1057.70013]
Wellens, T.; Buchleitner, A., Quantum state control in cavity QED, 351-375 [Zbl 1044.81771]
Strunz, W. T., Solving Schrödinger’s equation for an open system and its environment, 377-392 [Zbl 1283.81096]
Tasaki, S., Thermodynamic behavior of large dynamical systems – quantum 1d conductor and classical multibaker map, 395-412 [Zbl 1045.82018]
Bellissard, J., Coherent and dissipative transport in aperiodic solids: an overview, 413-485 [Zbl 1283.82008]
Erdős, L., Scaling limits of Schrödinger quantum mechanics, 487-506 [Zbl 1283.82006]

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