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Proceedings of the 22nd Yugoslav congress of theoretical and applied mechanics, YUCTAM ’97, Vrnjačka Banja, Yugoslavia, June 2–7, 1997. Round table: O.M. History of mechanics in Yugoslavia. (English, Serbian) Zbl 0884.00052
Belgrade: University of Belgrade, Mathematical Institute SANU, 79 p. (1997).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding congress (21, 1995) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0819.00003, Zbl 0819.00034, Zbl 0819.00041, Zbl 0819.00044, Zbl 0819.00045).
Indexed articles:
Perme, Branko; Regodić, Dušan, Prediction of projectile aerodynamic characteristics at difference angles of attacks [Zbl 1150.76423]
Golubović, Zoran; Jarić, Jovo, On the heat conduction in a nonlinear fluid, 1-6 [Zbl 0997.80009]
Hedrih, Katica, Konstantin Kosta Alković and Ljubomir Klerić, the first professors of mechanics, and influence of mechanics to developement of engineering in Serbia in the second half of nineteenth century, 1-25 [Zbl 1057.70502]
Naerlović-Veljković, Natalija, Ivan Arnovljević (1869–1951), 26-27 [Zbl 1014.01501]
Leko, Marko D., Academician Prof. Dr. Tatomir P. Andjelić 1903–1993, 30-38 [Zbl 1010.01506]
Hedrih, Katica, Professor Danilo P. Rašković (1910–1985), 39-54 [Zbl 1010.01517]
Maričić, Nikola, Subsonic aircraft’s unsteady longitudinal stability derivatives calculation, 45-56 [Zbl 1002.76055]
Brčić, Vlatko, Dragoš Radenković (1920–1991), 55-62 [Zbl 1010.01509]
Petronijević, Mira, Milan Đurić (1920–1988), 63-73 [Zbl 1010.01514]
Milanović, Smilja, Prof. Dr. Rastko Stojanović (1926–1972), 74-85 [Zbl 1010.01516]
Rašuo, Boško, Lift-interference and blockage corrections for a two-dimensional subsonic flow in closed and ventilated wind-tunnels, 81-88 [Zbl 1150.76424]
Bajmak, Šefik M.; Lazović, Dejan D., Estimating the optimal efficiency coefficient of ejector in dependence of working and injected space density, 186-191 [Zbl 1150.76330]
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70-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to mechanics of particles and systems
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